My Spring Beauty Favourites

After Summer, Spring is one of my favourite seasons. It is when everything comes back to life after a long and cold winter. This is also the time when all the cosmetic companies bring out all the new trends for the warmer seasons. I was going through the mass amount of beauty products that I have accumulated over the past few months, and thought I might write a blog post about some of my favourites that I've been using.


The Origins of My Make-Up Addiction

I've heard that the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting to the fact that you have a problem. But what happens when I have no desire to overcome my addiction?

My make-up journey started when I was around eleven or twelve years old. Aside from the make-up my mother used to apply to my face for figure-skating competitions, I had never really had much experience with make-up at that point in my life.

However, this was all before my father got a job working at a make-up company that catered specifically to girls of the tween age. All of a sudden, I had more nail polish, lip gloss, and glitter than I knew what to do with. And let me tell you something...


Case in point. (Not actually me, but I SO WISH IT WAS)


Burn Out

Sometimes, I find that I wake up in the morning to a new day, only for my brain to greet me with a good old motivational phrase of "you're not very good at life, and you should feel bad about it." 

Well fuck you too brain.

In all seriousness, I know everyone has experienced this self-doubting frame of mind at least a few times in their life (some of us more than others). Otherwise, we wouldn't be human. After awhile though, these sorts of thoughts tend to break a person down. And yet, we keep on trudging along through whatever troubles our minds, because we possess the power of determination.

However, while there is something to be said for the determination of the human spirit, being in a constant state of determination can get to be pretty fucking exhausting. It can eventually lead to burn out, which is where I now find myself at this point in my life. For someone who is twenty-two, I think that is understandable...


Hold on a minute....


D.I.Y. Ribbon Bulletin Board

Anyone who knows me fairly well may tell you that I'm an arts and crafts kind of gal. Give me some inspiration and a hot glue gun, and I am unstoppable.

A few months ago, I went on one such staple gun and ribbon fuelled rampage, of which the end result was a new fancy schmancy ribbon bulletin board. It's a really easy project that only took me a couple of hours to complete, and it has given my workspace a nice polished quality. That, and it holds all my crap that just ends up floating around my desk area.

Photo reference for DIY n00bs.

new domain name :)

I am officially a real blogger. I purchased a domain name! Hurray! My new domain name is www.littlebirdistheword.com.

I'm seriously hoping that this will motivate me to post more...